Green fields and streams of thought

2019, 11x14", Oil on canvas


2019, 16x20", Oil on Canvas

Portrait Ali II

12x12", Oil on Canvas, 2018

Male Portrait in Violet Shirt

9x12, Oil on Panel, 2016

Harper Lee

2020, Oil on Canvas


2020, Oil on canvas

Edouard Louis

2020, Oil on canvas, 10x 12"

Professor Mohammed Ali

2020, 20x24 inches, Oil on Canvas

Portrait in Pink

Self Portrait Blue Gesso

Annie Mac Portrait

2020, 10 x 12 inches, Oil on canvas

Philippe Sollers

2020, Oil on canvas

Garcia Marquez

2020, Oil on canvas

Toni Morrisson

2020, Oil on canvas

Annie Ernaux

2020, Oil on canvas

Philip Roth

2020, Oil on canvas

Self Portrait Blue

Self Portrait Yellow

2021, 11x 14", Oil on Canvas

Self portrait With Glasses_edited

2016, 12x12 Oil on Canvas


2019, 30x40", Oil on Canvas

Portrait of Professor Mohamed Ali

2020, 20 x 24 inches, Oil on canvas


2019, 16x20", Oil on Canvas

Male Portrait

2018, 8"x10", Oil on Panel

Portrait Ali 11x14 6

11x14 , Oil on Canvas

Rogue state

2020, 14 x 16, Oil on canvas

Titian Portrait of a Young Man

11"x14", Oil on Canvas, 2018. Reproduction of a Titian portrait (Frick collection).

Woman in Blue

Female Portrait

Female Portrait

Portrait of Shakira

9x12, Oil Painting on Panel, 2016

Portrait of Victorine Meurent

From Manet 11x14, Oil on Canvas

Portrait in a Bathrobe

16x20, Original Oil on Canvas, 2016

Portrait Woman Orange Sari

2016, 16x20, Oil on Canvas

Male Portrait

Woman with Hand

Female Portrait

Male portrait

Portrait of Ali